5 thoughts on “White-striped Ocrisiona (Jumping Spider) vs Wolf Spider

  1. Unless the Wolf spider moved before you started recording, that’s one of the more aggressive jumpers I’ve seen. It amazes me how different the species are. One of them takes its time to pounce and this one just goes for it right away.

    • You are right, some of them are just more proactive than others. This one (White-striped Ocrisiona) and the House Hopper Jumping Spider appear to attack within seconds. Where as another common species here (Jovial Jumping Spider) appears to take a very long time sneaking as close as possible and then finally jumping.

    • It was removed, people kept reporting my videos for “violence” and after 3 strikes youtube just deleted my whole channel.
      It’s quite strange when you think about it, as I have seen big youtubers shoot paintball guns and wasp nests and even tread on spiders and that’s allowed, yet showing one spider eating another isn’t allowed, lol.
      All of my videos will be on here in future, they will continue to be made.

      • Yeah, it sucks that youtube jerks are giving you a hard time. There are many other video sites that you can use like metacafe or daily motion but the downside is that since they’re not as popular as youtube, your videos won’t get the same amount of traffic.

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