White Tailed Spider Hunting a Black House Spider.

white tailed spider, black house spider, spider hunting

I found this white tailed spider hunting a black house spider and thought I would take a photo. The black house spider is the most common dietary item for the white tailed spider.

The white tailed spider will enter the web and tap on the web to attract the black house spider and then it will kill the black house spider when it gets close enough.

5 thoughts on “White Tailed Spider Hunting a Black House Spider.

  1. Very cool. So the White Tailed Spider appears to be up there with the Jumping Spider as far as intelligence goes. I’ve seen a couple of videos on Youtube where the Jumper shakes a web, which didn’t fool the spider on the web, but the jumper, using its web, lowered itself down to the spider and attacked it. It doesn’t appear that the White Tail is much of a web spinner, but the jumper always has a “life line” web, just in case it falls or something.

  2. Interesting, the white tailed spider definitely is a master at taking down other spiders. Maybe u could film a video of it hunting a black house spider if u ever encounter that situation again?

    • That is true, but it’s very hard to film because they both stayed like that for more than a day. Finally one morning I woke up and checked and they were both gone. It takes the white tailed spider a long time to stalk the black house spider. Outside of a web it can do it a lot faster though.

    • That is true, it’s hard to find new combinations. It’s probable that after another 10 videos that video releases will become very slow. Most of the obvious matches I have already done.

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