6 thoughts on “Wolf Spider vs Miturga Spider

  1. Wow that strike was lightning fast! That miturga spider seems to have really thick and strong legs and would be a strong opponent for other contenders in future battles.

  2. Damm that Miturga looks physically strong and huge I’ve always backed the white tail but it would certainly give it a run for its money. The way it confidently went in with no fear of the wolf spider that’s a killer spider.

    • That will be a match I make as well, possibly it will be the Miturga’s next match. I also am unsure which would win, I think the Miturga gets the preemptive strike, but it is then a question if it can beat the White Tailed Spider in the struggle. Since the White Tailed Spider has been attacked by other spiders and it ended up winning anyway.

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